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Different people have different needs, and this is also true when designing and developing websites and digital products. With digital experience design, we help you meet the exact needs of your audience, whether you’re about to launch a new website, mobile app, e-commerce shop, employee portal or software.

Digital experience design is rooted in empathy and collaboration: Strangelove’s UX research and design experts conduct an in-depth analysis of your target audience through interviews, surveys and focus groups. We also scan your competitors, to determine what’s been available to your audience thus far, and how this experience can be improved and distinguished in your offer. We characterise and understand your audience’s preferences, their way of thinking and interacting with your brand, and how to inspire their decisions so that your business goals are met.


Digital transformation and consultancy

We examine your entire digital ecosystem in relation to your business goals, and construct a complete plan for digital transformation. We determine the strategy, concept, customer journey mapping, and user stories that ensure your brand is tuned in to your audience.

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UX design

UX design is a continual design process focused on enhancing user satisfaction while interacting with your brand. A successful UX design is useful, usable, easy to find, accessible, credible, and desirable. This leads to increased user engagement and loyalty. Our UX designers prioritise clarity and user-friendliness, and ensure that designs are robust and scalable, so they can grow together with your brand and accommodate new needs.


UI design

UI design is the process of designing the visual and interactive elements of your digital product. We follow the brand design, and build upon insights gained through UX research and strategic planning. The result is a consistently attractive design on all platforms and devices, that compliments the content and supports engagement with it.

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UX copywriting

UX copywriting, sometimes referred to as “microcopy”, supports your audience’s comprehension and usability of your digital product. UX copywriting is simple, relevant and instantly recognisable, and we ensure it matches your brand’s values and tone-of-voice.

Strange design isn’t that weird!

UX research can uncover surprising needs and deliver major insight about your brand and your audience. We use this insight to tailor a complete, robust solution that will make your brand stand out instantly. So let's shift the conversation from digital transformation to business transformation, as it is through effective branding and experience design that this transformation truly takes place.

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