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Your brand is different, and our brand identity experts ensure that audiences notice. Brand identity is the backbone of your brand, and what makes it instantly recognisable and unmistakable to others: your unique flavour, your energy and your imprint. We build your brand from the bottom to the top with visual identity, tone-of-voice and design systems that are uniquely your own. Branding is at the heart of everything we do at Strangelove, and with the right brand identity you cannot be ignored.


Visual Identity

The visual identity is the most striking and recognisable visual component of your brand. Your visual identity should make you stand out in the best possible way, commanding attention and conveying trust. Our brand designers research your operation, your audience, your market and your business goals, to embody these insights in shapes, colours and typography that draw in your audience and create a lasting emotional bond with them.

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Your brand’s tone-of-voice informs the audience of who you are, what you care about, how you relate to them and what can be expected of you. Your tone-of-voice may be formal or informal, humorous or serious, optimistic or cautionary, depending on your specific area of expertise. Our brand experts create a clear description of your brand’s style of writing across all media, to distinguish it from competitors and emphasise its unique characteristics.


Brand Naming

Naming your brand is by far the most crucial part of your venture. Finding the right name depends on your values, goals and mission. For some, this could mean choosing a name that conveys an immediate understanding of your offer, while for others it could mean humour, shock or sophistication. Our brand team gets it right by identifying the best approach to naming your brand, and presents you with several options that are guaranteed to surprise you.



Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines make up a clear, informative and robust compilation of your brand’s visual ecosystem. New designers, copywriters, marketing players and collaborators can all use the same references in order to produce consistent outputs as you step into the future. We provide brand guidelines that explain, define priorities and offer practical examples that allow your team to problem-solve on the go, and adapt new media while remaining true to your brand’s identity.


Communication Guidelines

Similarly, the brand communication guidelines inform, explain and offer practical examples to your brand’s tone-of-voice, stance on issues, and communication style. Our communication guidelines have you covered - from the preferred phrasing of your emails, to the appropriate use of emojis - your operation will run intentionally and smoothly following our coherent, consistent communication guidelines.

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Strange branding isn’t that weird!

We help your brand get it right so that everyone understands what you’re all about, now and in the future. A brand that is attractive, accurate and urgent can make all the difference for your audience.

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