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Good companies deserve great brands, and with great brands your company can grow and communicate with impact. This begins with a clear strategy. We develop impactful brand strategies for both rising and recognisable (B2B) brands, in the Netherlands and around the world.

Your brand strategy is an all-encompassing plan for the approach, the methods and the messages that make your brand stand out from the crowd. It’s the essence that attracts people, makes your brand recognisable, and helps you transform, grow and direct your company.

A good brand strategy addresses your company's culture, the product or service you're promoting, the market in which your brand is active, its advantages and possible weaknesses, and the desired communication with your target audience.

Whether you’re scaling-up your business, reevaluating your digital presence or launching a campaign, we develop brand strategies that continue to serve your brand as it steps into the future.


Brand insights

To determine the right approach, we first reach out to your target audience to understand and characterise their needs. We conduct research of your organisation, its public perception, the values associated with your product or services, and your competitors. We do this through desk research, interviews with employees and stakeholders, focus groups and surveys.

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Brand positioning

The brand positioning clearly defines the added value of the brand compared to other available options in the market, and how to position the brand in the minds of the audience. This affects design and language choices, the channels of communication, and the approach to tackling competition.


Brand story

The brand story defines the mission statement, the core values and the company culture in a way that’s inspiring for both internal and external stakeholders, and is a crucial step for B2B brands, B2C brands, and employer’s branding.

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Brand proposition

The brand proposition is the refined essence of the brand, as defined by copywriting. This is the tagline or a slogan that embodies the immediate payoff and what you’re all about.


Brand hierarchy

The brand hierarchy defines the relationship between labels, sister-brands, subsidiaries or new ventures within the same group. The brand architecture explains how these different activities are communicated to consumers, competitors and collaborators.

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