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Disrupting the boxing market.

Boxing and kickboxing are becoming one of the most popular workouts in the Netherlands. NextRound is an innovative fitness start-up that is transforming the analog boxing bag into a smart workout tool that gives the boxer feedback and training insights.

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has a strategy until they get punched in 
the face.

Our brief

After a research and prototype phase at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam, NextRound approached Strangelove to help them develop a clear brand strategy, cool lifestyle-driven visual identity and a simple to use NextRound app. In short, they were looking for a creative business partner to bring their innovative concept to life.

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the awnser

Strangelove created a dedicated NextRound team, that simultaneously started with the UX-design of the mobile app as well as the overall branding. We helped them develop the name NextRound, created a distinctive brand proposition and unified the branding with the digital experience. Together with our in-house team and partners, we developed the app.

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What we did

  • Brand strategy & concept

  • Branding & visual design (system)

  • CX & UX design of digital product (App)

  • Development of App

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