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Sustainable transformation.

Bunzl food services offers a total package of disposable products. To transform the organisation into a 100% sustainable company, Bunzl wanted to launch a new sustainability content platform called Verive and asked us to develop it.

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Introducing a new content platform and design system to lead change.

Our brief

Develop the content distribution platform for Verive, where Bunzl is able to inform existing clients, potential new clients and professionals about the possibilities and alternatives to disposables. This includes deciding on content that was being developed and to guard the tone of voice of Verive, which we did by setting up an editorial board.

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The answer

A content focused platform that is built around a logical information hierarchy. We needed to tailor the content to all types of customers, and it should be easily accessible by everyone. The result is a clean website, that is easy to navigate and a website with focus on content that adds value. A content sharing platform that helps to ignite the path of positive change Bunzl has started.

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"Our purpose is to make sustainability simple, affordable and accessible. That doesn't need to be rocket science."
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What we did
  • CX strategy for communication & commerce

  • Content creation for website

  • Website development (Contentful cms)

  • UX and UI design of digital platform


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