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Grow a digital experience.

Designing a digital experience for a Specialty Fertilizer company that helps traditional end users world wide to find the right information and products to optimize the yeast and crops.

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Our brief

The leading Specialty Fertilizer company in Europe – Everris – was merged within ICL SF. They needed rebranding of the company and a strategy that would fit within the brand framework of ICL and still keep Everris stakeholders on board.

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The answer

The combined expertise of these companies adds value to their customers and should be highlighted in all communication and brand tools for ICL SF. That’s why we took the ICL brand and added more depth (expansion and different use of brand elements) to it in order to be applicable to ICL SF - becoming a digital brand eco-system that offers valuable knowledge to it’s customers.

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What I appreciate most about Strangelove is their enthusiasm, the creativity process and the openness of the entire team.
Denise Huizing - ICL SF
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What we did
  • Branding & design systems

  • UX / UI design of digital platforms / products

  • Website development and maintenance

  • Online marketing and search optimization (SEO)

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