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World’s easiest audio tour.

Guide ID is an innovative company providing the world’s easiest audiotour. Strangelove helped this scale-up company with developing a new creative strategy, brand identity, website and international lead campaigns based on thought leadership and relevant content.

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We help to bring the magical stories in art to the curious of heart.

Our brief

After years of hard work, Guide ID is now ready to scale up. To increase their international footprint and distinguish themselves in a highly competitive niche market, Guide ID wanted a refresh with a re-branding strategy for their scale-up. Combining data and content was a key criteria in this brief.

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The answer

After getting all the relevant insights about their market, clients and audience, we created an integrated growth-plan. Over a period of four months, we were developing a new brand strategy, new identity and data-driven campaign for the scale-up. Working with a dedicated team, we grew brand awareness, inbound leads and improved digital communication in the context of Covid-19.

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With Guide ID we set up a complete audio tour for our visitors without any effort. Establishing a pick-up rate of 67,2% with improved visitors satisfaction.

The Amsterdam Museum

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What we did
  • Brand strategy & positioning concept

  • Branding & visual design (system)

  • CX strategy for commerce

  • Online marketing and campaigns

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