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Real people, real results.

Family firm FRIS has grown to become one of the biggest independent managers of real estate in the Netherlands. FRIS is a well-known name to tens of thousands of private individuals and companies in the greater Amsterdam region. Our real people form the solid foundation for success.

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A flexible content platform which optimises marketing

Our brief

FRIS had the ambition to become a key player when it comes to innovation in and digitization of the real estate industry. They asked us to create a website in which all seven business units and services of the FRIS Group would be unified. The biggest challenge of this project was the integration of third party applications that supports easy-to-use content management and unlock the potential of online data.

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The answer

Through interviews with FRIS employees and prototype design we created a user-centric experience, which organises all services in a logical navigation. We have developed a modern website built on our user friendly cms which enables intuitive search and lead marketing. We also help FRIS with online campaigns and SEO.

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With a data-driven digital mindset the Strangelove team has been committed to grow online results for this leading real estate firm in The Netherlands.
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What we did
  • UX & UI design website

  • Website development and maintenance

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Online marketing (SEA)


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