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Creating a good day together

GoodDays offers careful and high-quality informal care at home, led by a personal and humanistic approach. Caretakers go above and beyond the mandatory, to offer a partner for conversation, a helping hand for household chores, an loyal assistant for social engagements or appointments, and a trusted ally to tend to care plans and administration.

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The Brief

As a new endeavor, GoodDays identified the need for more refined care options, centered around the agency and quality of life of the person in need of care. Now, to make an impact on the healthcare industry, it was time to turn ideas into actions, and values into visuals.

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The Answer

To stand out, we began with brand naming - “GoodDays” - to recognize that every person deserves to enjoy their life with dignity and companionship. Everyone deserves a good day! The sunny logo is sophisticated and multifaceted, alluding to the beginning of each good day, and also to the sunset of ageing.

With a new brand identity in place, we developed a website, servicing different target audiences: those in need of care, their families, informal caretakers, and professional caregivers. The content we wrote addresses their questions, concerns, procedures and possibilities, and promotes registration to services.


A good day is created together, and so is a great brand. Wanting to bring real and meaningful change to people’s lives is only possible if they know about you, and this is exactly what the new branding and website achieve.

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What We Did

  • Brand strategy, naming and proposition

  • New logo and brand architecture

  • Brand identity and customized icons

  • Content and website development


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