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Lottovate, a charity lottery organisation, wanted to launch a new lottery on the Dutch market. Their target audience are millenials, a group that doesn’t naturally sign up for lotteries. Our task? To come up with a brand strategy, branding concept including naming that resonates with the target audience and builds trust.

Brand strategy and brand concept for a new lottery propostion focusing on a millenial audience.

The Brief

With a target audience that’s young, active and cares more about candid experiences than just money, we knew ‘fun’ and ‘bold’ should be part of the brand. A raffle is synonym for a lottery, randomly collecting a price. By adding a ‘d’ we turned it into a verb. Something you actively take part in, an experience: Raffl’d. We turned this name into a branding concept and identity system that was dynamic and energetic. It plays with honest emotions, staight forward language to make it stick out from the crowd.

The Answer

We gave Raffl’d its name and a complete strategic brand book on how to act, communicate and get the audience involved with the brand. This was the base layer for all future communication and marketing: a brand and platform with energy!

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