Our products


Since it's inception in 2009 Strangelove designed and developed many innovative digital products and marketing solutions that improve the way people work and live.

Employer Branding Platform 2.0


We offer an engaging candidate experience that helps you find (and attract) the proverbal needle in the haystack. Job openings delivered precisely at the digital doorstep.



Brand Management Tool


Comprehensive library style visuals, logo’s and other brand related items which users can apply directly for multiple platforms respecting the guidelines.

Odyssey Content Management


Ultimate flexibility and freedom of expression. Our content management system Odyssey is ready to fulfil your online dreams. Custom made for you by our team of inhouse developers.


Visit our Odyssey website

Loyalty Grid - IoT x Products x Data


Loyalty Grid transforms each product into a unique loyalty coupon. When activated via NFC the coupon connects the customer with the brand adding unprecedented opportunities.


Visit Loyalty-grid.com

Business Reporting Tool


Turning data into information is an art. We provide our clients with elegant reporting solutions and layouts. Our smart toolkit contributes to business intelligence and effective decision making. Transforming complex customer data into understandable marketing insights.