Labresource is a Lab Recruitment Company advertising many vacancies online. As they were looking for a fresh pair of eyes, we got in charge of their advertising accounts. Due to a shuffle in their budget distribution, their advertising was set lower than it had been previous years. How did we meet their goals, and exceed, even with the reduced media budget?




When we took over the advertising accounts of Labresource we analysed how the previous campaigns were performing. We saw an opportunity in restructuring these campaigns, which would reduce cost per clicks. Another way we reduced spend was by utilizing varying keyword match types to reduce useless clicks. By adding ad and extension varieties, we could start using A/B tests. This can identify best performing ads types and improve click through rates. 




An in-depth analysis was done based on previous advertising data. The campaigns were restructured to be more detailed. This allows to optimize the keywords for their quality score and makes analysis clearer. KeyWord match types were changed to reduce showings for irrelevant search results. Best practices such as ads variations and call to actions were implemented for ad optimization. Our expertise in the field has provided us the insight in best practices that improve results. We apply these optimizations to the account to use the budget most optimally and reach as many right clients as possible.   





Click Through Rate


Cost per Conversion


Cost per click

 2 months after account management began, with a budget drop of 40%, clicks dropped by only 17% and conversions by 23%. 

Relatively, only 2 months after the accounts were taken over, Clicks increased by 38% and conversions increased by 27% for the same spend.


This case was originally published on our contentmarketing label Storymatic.