JumboDiset, a toy company, launched a new game in their famous 'Ik-leer' line. The game was aimed at learning to code at a young age (5+). But, how can you use online communication to gain traction for an offline game?




In Europe ‘digital literacy’ has been a hot topic in educational boards. They want children to be prepared for the future and therefore digital subjects have been implemented mildy into their curriculum. Parents need to be made aware of this topic and it’s relevance more. This insight provided us with a clear angle for the campaign, therefore ‘Future proof’ became the key communication angle.



The campaign existed of 3 phases (educate, inspire and conversion), and ran for about a month on two platforms; Google Ads and Facebook Business (including Instagram). We’ve created a ‘campaign home’ in the form of a website, where people could find articles on the topic and  more information on the game and game reviews. From there people were led to retailers where the game could be bought. 




In total; the ads had 4.6 M impressions, the videos were viewed 156.231 times and from the landing page, visitors were lead to the retailers (dedicated) game page 1.927 times.  

The best value in advertising for awareness & reach was Google. The best platform for CTR and leads was Facebook / Instagram.