ICL SF Knowledge Portal

ICL Specialty Fertilizers, part of ICL group, is a world leading specialty fertilizer company that serves over 25 countries worldwide. 

What did ICL SF need?


A way for ICLSF to become a thought leader in the B2B specialty fertilizer industry and provide value to their target groups, aside from selling their products. The company invests a lot in research and innovation, which results in knowledge which they transfer into their new products, which is pretty neat.

What was the biggest challenge here?


Finding a solution which was able to answer to two main needs: the target group needs, by offering them relevant answers to their questions (not only pushing products) and data management, that could be used for further sales leads and/or to further improve the level of accuracy of the information provided. 

How did we tackle this?


We have approached this project by firstly defining how the smart search could be delivered by providing ICLSF with a prototype simulating the interaction of question vs. answer. Secondly, by defining the best UX/UI on how the answer to the users' question will be provided. Thirdly, we needed to define the parameter of the search by creating levels of priorities based on requested information. And lastly, we integrated the module into our tailor made Odyssey CMS and allowed ICLSF to include all wished content they want to share. 

What was the result?

We have built a smart search tool that is able to provide answers to unknown questions in the field of Specialty Agriculture, Ornamental Flowers and Turf & Amenities, where the target group can retrieve relevant information and have direct contact with ICLSF employees in case they cannot find their answer. 

Other cases: