Fris Real Estate

FRIS, a short introduction. 

FRIS is an independent manager of real estate and has developed a broad range of services over the recent years. Each of these services was previously represented by its own separate website. Fris has the ambition to become a key player when it comes to innovation and digitisation in the real estate industry.

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What did they need?


They asked us to create a website in which all business units and services of the FRIS Group would be unified. In other words, all different services provided by FRIS Group needed to be brought under one roof. Simultaneously this needed to establish a foundation for development and innovation of the market. 

What was the biggest challenge here?


The biggest challenge of this project was the merging of seven websites into one, and doing so in a way which made hierarchical sense, so every business unit could represent itself.

How did we tackle it?


We always take the user as a starting point.Through interviews with different FRIS employees, card sorting and interactive prototypes we have created a new service design, which presents all services in a logical and customer-friendly hierarchy.

What was the result?


We have developed a modern website which unites the different business units by using thematic content. The website offers various funnels for users with different questions. For the available housing, we have added the foundation for a ‘smart’ search function, which enables intuitive search queries.

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