Cuba Travel Network

The brief in short. 


By opening the US market, CTN will position itself as the main supplier of organised, individual tours to Cuba.
Because traveling to Cuba is still under embargo for US citizens, there are restrictions with regard to doing a public campaign for Cuba in the US. 


By the end of 2016, the embargo was eased under president Obama.
In December 2016 the first commercial flight from New York to Havana took off.

Feel like traveling?

What did CTN need?


A way to communicate Cuba Travel Network’s unique selling points to the American market, with a limited budget and legally defined restrictions.

What was the biggest challenge here? 


Before the embargo was eased, it wasn’t possible to market anything to do with Cuba in the US. Another big challenge in this process was to get all the materials in Cuba on time as well as making sure all travellers got the proper reception upon arrival. The added value of Cuba Travel Network as a local organisation quickly became evident in this process, as it works together with locals.

How did we tackle this? 


In close collaboration with the client we have determined a strategy which speaks to a very clear ‘niche’ target audience. On the basis of travellers’ details/data we have mapped out the process from booking until the stay and filtered out the moments where the added value of CTN is most visible and has the most impact:

the booking process; ‘dreaming’

after booking until departure; ‘planning’

arrival and stay in Cuba; ‘experiencing’

feedback / survey upon return; ‘sharing’

What was the result?


We designed a ‘branded’ tour which reaffirms the vision and added value of CTN in a very thoughtful and personal way during the entire trip, for each of these different moments.

The booking process until departure aka ‘dreaming’ and ‘planning’:


We designed a ‘care package’ containing: tickets, a visa envelope, custom journal, a get-to-know Cuba card game, contact cards and a welcome letter.

The arrival and stay in Cuba aka ‘experiencing’:


We designed a ‘goodie bag’ which visitors would receive upon arrival, which contained: disinfection gel, peppermint, water bottle and an envelope (including money, a wifi/phone card + instructions). Upon their arrival in the hotel they would receive a custom made cigar box, including cigars & instructions, rum, matches and a cigar cutter.

The return aka ‘sharing’


Upon return the visitors would receive a postcard, a survey and a poster.

Other cases: