Actief Werkt!

Actief Werkt! is a mid-size employment agency focused on temporary industry workers, cleaners and logistics staff.



The brand new Actief Werkt! operation is a result of the merger between two regional temporary employment agencies, Tence and the Actief Group Belgium. A new company required an new name, hence the introduction of the Actief Werkt! label. For Actief Werkt! we developed a series of tools and designs that helped positioning the brand as ‘the most personal employment agency of The Netherlands’.

Werken bij Actief Werkt!


Since Actief Werkt! is considered a fast growing business in the field of temporary employment agencies and at the same time (as a result of a recent merger) relatively unknown, employer branding is key for attracting fresh talent. By deploying the Werkenbij subsite, where employees tell real stories from the workfloor, we increased the attractiveness and showed a distinctive workculture that boosted the number of applications.

Superkracht 2017


To broaden their appeal and name we invented the Superkracht, a national campaign in search for the best temporary worker. Several national media gave exposure to the eventual winner.

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