Commercial Banking

First a little introduction


The online service of ‘ABN AMRO commercial’ (aimed at business users) had become fragmented over the course of recent years. There were different platforms which focused on various target groups with different wishes and requirements.

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What did ABN AMRO need?


A new platform for ABN AMRO’s business users.

What was the biggest challenge here?


Finding out how to serve different types of users on one platform. These users vary from small, medium and bigger businesses to corporates and international clients, all with different roles within the organisation. In addition, it was a challenge finding out how to offer the most relevant content to individual users, in terms of products as well as services and (in depth) information. Another big part of the challenge was figuring out how ABN AMRO can position itself as a thought leader in various fields?

How did we tackle it?


Through workshops, interviews and prototypes we have created a new service design which brings the following three elements together: knowing who the visitor is; knowing what the visitor is looking for and making sure the visitor can find what he’s looking for.

What was the result?


We have created the concept for a new ABN AMRO commercial (digital) look, within the existing framework of ABN AMRO’s corporate identity. A modern visual design which establishes a clear ambition. The knowledge centre with various articles on sectoral developments, whitepapers, blogs and opinion pieces serves as the focal point. Through a smart search function and by following the visitors on a session level, the most relevant content can be shown to the visitor.

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