Why you should hire a Team as a Service: 5 questions answered


Cornelia Schneider




Ever thought about hiring an external team to provide you with extra manpower when things get busy? Or simply looking for a specific expertise that you don’t currently have in your existing team? At Strangelove we love to share our knowledge and people. We call this Team as a Service which means that you can hire the expertise you need for a specific amount of time. We’re here to help! Want to know more about hiring an external team? We’ve written down all the answers to the questions you might have.


What benefits do TaaS provide compared to an in-house team?
There are several benefits to TaaS. First and foremost, the flexibility of TaaS is a perfect solution to many issues that hiring employees brings along. It makes adding manpower without long contracts, recruitment processes and the responsibilities full-time staff requires possible. Also, when finishing a project you can determine whether you want to add or reduce the number of members in a team based on the next steps. Besides this, the extra team members you add to your team will bring external knowledge, but also insights and a connection with other expertise you might not have thought beforehand. They know what knowledge is needed and available, and might provide value in unexpected places. And of course, all of this will happen right at your office, so you will be able to follow the entire process!

Is it possible to have a mixture of an in-house team and TaaS?
Yes! Mixing an in-house team and an external team is the perfect way to give a boost to your team’s performance. By adding temporary experts to your team, you will be provided with different advantages. Your teams will be guided by experienced professionals, gaining new insights and knowledge on either marketing/advertising/sales/development, design or the department that you are looking to enhance. Secondly, will you have our experts working side by side to your team stimulating each other while still having direct communication with them.

How does the onboarding-process work, in terms of starting up TaaS?
After determining in what fields you are looking to boost your organization, you will be presented with a booklet with all our experts and their cases in it. Here we decide, whom of our experts are the perfect match for you. Next up, a time frame in which you believe to require support will be set and after all the arrangements are made an introduction session to meet your team will be scheduled.

What are the usual time frames of a TaaS & what happens when a project ends?
The beautiful part of TaaS is that most of the variables can be determined by your needs. Whether you are looking for support on a short campaign or for long-term assistance in your teams, it is all possible. When the end of a project is near, a feedback/consulting session will be scheduled to discuss progress, new insights, team performance and next steps.

Does TaaS include the progress management and training of my own staff?
Yes, it can include the progress management and training of our staff but it might vary per campaign or company. If, for example, you have an in-house team in combination with an expert from our side, your staff will get external knowledge, guidance, supervision and if desired, even workshops, and trainings. This again, all determined by what you deem relevant for your team or business at that time.

Are you interested in working with our Team as a Service or want to know more? Get in touch with us and we’ll tell you everything you want to know!