Why hiring an ‘external team’ instead of full-time employees can work for you.


Cornelia Schneider




Workflow is always that: a flow. Sometimes things are busy, sometimes there simply is less work. Hence, flexibility is key. It’s not always advantageous to solely rely on your permanent employees to cover opportunities, especially in today’s fast-moving global marketplace where the importance of agility can be crucial. For different projects you might need different expertise, or simply a scale-up in hours to get the work done. Here’s where hiring an external team comes in: you can bring in extra people to meet short-term demand. This way you bring in skill sets only when you need them, while avoiding the costs of permanent hires.

Team as a service
Our content, design and development teams work in close collaboration with you to get the best outcome. We call this Team as a Service. Working from our Amsterdam based agency, your office or any desired location, delivering logical thinking and hands-on support as your extended team. Together we set targets, define strategies and take care of all creative work. We get to know your audience and make sure all digital touchpoints are organised and optimised. Continuously analysing and improving your digital toolkit and online brand performance.

Working with our team you get the flexibility whenever you need it. This is not only flexibility in location or time, but also in knowledge you specifically need. If you have hired a content manager but happen to need a few designs, this is possible. Or if you happen to need an upgrade of your website? Also possible.

So, why can Team as a Service work for you?

  1. Save on the costs of hiring a full time employee
  2. Expertise and different skill sets when required
  3. Flexibility in workflow
  4. Relieve the workload of your existing team

Want to work with a Team as a Service? You’re always welcome for a chat with our business developers Cornelia and Tim