What You Need To Know About SEA Optimizing


Aylin Vegter




Hi, I’m Aylin, the Online Advertising Specialist here at Strangelove. Here are some of my insider secrets that will help you better manage your Google Adwords Account. And most importantly, help save you money! As an agency veteran I have been working on dozens of SEA accounts. In the past working closely with Google representatives, I have gained valuable insight into the Google Algorithm which is the key to success in SEO, SEA and can even be applied to other platforms like Amazon. This has launched mine and my clients success with measurable and award worthy results.

Now let's get to it!


Check Your Search Terms

The Search Terms page on the Google Ads platform can sometimes be completely overlooked. For some, even an unknown treasure. It is one of the most insightful sources of information. Search Terms shows what Google searches your ads have showed up for. You will find this page under the keywords tab. If you haven't checked this page yet I suggest you have a look. 

Aylin SEA optimize Analytics

The most important use is to see what types of searches/clicks you have been spending money on. Remember the blue/gold dress? I had a client that was selling blue lace dresses. As we are continually checking and optimizing accounts, we came across a huge money pit in search terms for terms including “blue gold dress”/ “gold blue lace dress”. People were searching for the viral post, and were accidentally clicking our ads for our dresses. The viral post could’ve costed our client a ton of money by the time we saw the post and realized what could be happening, had we not checked search terms. And there are so many other examples of money pits of terms you would just never expect! Check your search terms to see where you are spending unnecessary money.

Focus On Long Term KeyWords!

Unless you have big budgets for advertising, its difficult to market to everyone everywhere. Instead of competing on generic searches and advertising to anyone searching for something remotely close to what you’re selling, filter your audience and focus on who your true potential clients are. You can do this by looking at your own USP and making your keywords more specified to your product/ service. A way to do this is to focus on long term keywords. If you’re an urban streetwear brand, instead of focusing on “sports wear” use terms such as “urban sports wear”. If you’re an audit company that's USP is that you have a collaboration platform use “collaborative audit tool” instead of “audit tool”. This way you’re fine tuning to the right audience and spending your budget more efficiently (by not competing on more generic terms).

If you’re having difficulty choosing the right long term keywords to target, we would love to help out. Feel free to contact us, we are here to help. Choosing the right strategy for targeting & keywords is essential to a successful campaign and a budget well spent!

Learn How To Use Editor!

Let's talk about Google Adwords Editor. This is the tool to make everything easier for you. With the Editor you can import your account to an offline platform - the editor - and make all the new campaigns and changes you need to. Because its offline, this will give you the freedom to make mistakes or keep changing things before it goes online.

Google Adwords Editor

The interface itself also makes viewing the account and double checking much easier. You can copy, filter, check for duplicates and errors faster than ever. Once you take the time to learn how to use it you will see that you can do almost everything the online platform does plus more!

Google Ads

Focus On Your QS, it is the key to success!

Google’s priority is providing its users with relevant information. So for advertisers, the more useful your content is to the person you’re advertising to, the better & cheaper. Google will reward you for advertising to people that are interested in your service/product by reducing your advertising costs. Sounds good right?

Keywords Google Ads

You can find the quality score of your keywords under the keywords tab. There are many aspects to improving your QS. The easiest two to adapt are relevancy and user experience. Make sure your keywords focus on the core of your business and not on anything you can grab clients with. Make sure the ad text you write is relevant, interesting and clear.

Finally, make sure that the page you’re sending people to is relevant to what you’re advertising and is easy for the visitors to navigate around. You are inviting them to your party (website), after all. Better make sure that the party is amazingly organised!