Recent Google Ads Updates From 2018-2019 and how to use them to your benefit


Aylin Vegter




Google is updating their advertising tools, which can have a lot of influence on your advertisement strategy, budget, and even the media you need to create in order to advertise. We will walk you through the key points that have been adjusted or are in development. This way you can save money on your advertising budget and create the optimal environment for your ads to perform really well.

Mobile Page Score

You won’t be surprised to hear mobile use is increasing year on year. But some don’t know that in many areas, mobile use has surpassed desktop. 69% of product searches are made via a mobile device. This means that if your mobile site experience isn’t what it should be, you’re going to disappoint 69% of your visitors.

Google has been sharing this information and expressing the importance of mobile for years. Now they have taken major steps to guarantee everyone takes it seriously. Mobile page experience and speed will now be part of the bid formula in Google Ads. Not only are your organic results affected by your mobile page quality but your advertising is as well. The most important implication of this is that if you have bad mobile quality, you’ll start paying more per click. Good mobile page quality will literally save you money, both on ad spend and conversions. So get your developers in line (or give us a call) and make it work for mobile!


Responsiveness ads update

Display Ads New Bidding

The way Google Ads works is that every advertiser has a maximum bid they choose and according to the quality of your ads, you pay a certain cost per click. Advertisers with quality ads and competitive bidding pay the minimum amount needed to maintain a higher rank than the rank held by the next-highest bidder in the auction.

But now Google Ads is coming with an update for Display ads where you pay the maximum bid you identified. Before you could depend on the quality of your ads to get an actual cost per click lower than what you bid. Now it will take much more time and campaign management to find the bid sweet spot. All the extra maintenance will make bid and campaign optimization much more time consuming. Plus it will take a keen eye and expertise to reduce costs.

This basically means that beginners and those with less experience will be paying premium for their ads. Non-experts advertising will end up paying way more for their ads then otherwise with the old bid formula. Making the need for expert campaign management more important than ever. If you need help with finding that bidding sweet spot, we’re more than happy to help you maximise the effect of your ads and minimise your costs.

Average Position Updates

Average position of the ad is the ranking of your ad on Google search results. 1st position would be the 1st result on the page. Each Google page has about 10 results. Usually there are 3-4 ads at the top of the page, and 3-4 at the bottom of the page. What we consider an acceptable average position would be 3rd or higher as this means the ads show at the top of the page. Remember, the top 5 search results for a keyword on Google get 70% of the clicks. So you can imagine why this is important.

Now Google has come out with an update to show Impression (Absolute Top) %" and "Impression (Top) %”. These will describe what percent of your ads appear at the top of the page or the absolute top of the page. Instead of assuming that the 3rd - 4th position ads are at the top of the page we will now get exact metrics on how often ads are shown at the top of the page.

Our advice is to focus on having a high “impression top” over “absolute top”. Being in impression top means you get the exposure you need and take a prominent place amongst competition, while not competing for the topmost place saving you costs.

Other Google Updates in 2019

Out of the recent updates the three points above will affect advertising management time, costs and website maintenance the most. Other tips and updates are:

  • The Test My Site tool has been revamped, and you can use it to evaluate your Mobile Site Speed
  • Call-only ads now have added lines of text, so you can use them more efficiently
  • Advertiser access to 15-second non-skippable video ads has been extended, and can now be accessed via Google Ads and Display & Video 360 for Google and Youtube. This means all advertisers now have the options to show their video ads on these platforms.

You can read briefly about the other recent Google Ads updates on the Google Announcements page. Want to read more on advertising or curious to know how you can optimise your SEA? We’re here for you!