Our Strange predictions!

With a haze of champagne and oliebollen 2019 has officially kicked off. And that means back to business. Luckily, we are here for you to soften the edges after this wild west of a week.  Because, a new year simply asks for some digital agency predictions of what’s to come, right? We love things a little strange so don’t worry, we gave our own twist to this crystal ball tradition. Giving you some conversation ammunition for all those celebratory (and obligatory) New Year’s drinks. Let’s go!

Strangelove’s 2019 predictions

1. Instagram will publish drastic measurements against like-bots designed to like and follow accounts or posts. This message will be liked millions of times by the end of 2019, mainly by like-bots designed to like and follow accounts or posts.

2. The ‘Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens’ will be in the news for forgetting to activate their two step authentication. Hackers leak all data, including the data of all companies implementing GDPR.

3. UX will die in 2019. And then it will magically survive. And then it will die again.


4. A new scrum method is introduced; next to sprints team-members wil now work in marathons. This means they will work on a project non-stop for 42 weeks, with regular drink intervals.

5. A breakthrough in visual design! Even more minimalistic website design will be the new norm, resulting in companies with an all-white, textless, single page website.

6. Office management will reach new heights. Due to a new system all employees put their coffee-cups directly in the dishwasher. All. on. their. own.



Did we make you laugh, just a little bit? Good, our work is done. For now. Happy new year!