How we introduced 8 miljoen gesprekken to the world!


Marlotte de Vries




8 miljoen gesprekken (8 million talks) is a Dutch initiative by VEA and the committee of may 4&5 with the goal to make the world we live in a little less harsh. Seems like quite the challenge, but the way to achieve this is quite simple: to talk to one another. When was the last time you spoke with someone you didn’t know before? 


Now, what was the challenge for us? To make sure that people were aware of this initiative in a relatively short period of time (two weeks from start to finish). How do you reach people quickly? By offering them clear and relevant content on the channels they are on every day. The goal: excite people and motivate them to visit the '8 million' stands on the events.

To set the bar a little lower on starting a conversation 8 miljoen gesprekken created conversational terraces that can be set up at for instance festivals. And that is exactly what they did on Liberation Day (Bevrijdingsdag) here in the Netherlands! On the 15 different festivals throughout the country, you were able to talk to a stranger.

Content marketing

By setting up their Instagram profile and updating their existing Facebook page the first steps were taken. We’ve chosen a design in which the colors of the different festivals they will be present at, have a prominent place. This to create recognisability and make it instantly clear where 8 miljoen gesprekken can be found. Besides that, the effect of color disruption in an Instagram feed can be huge.

Working via the Hub Hero Hygiene model also works in smaller campaigns, so that is exactly how we approached this. The hygiene part was in making sure that their website and socials were up to date and recognizable. Getting the people to come to the accounts via targeting can be seen as the hub part here.


In advertising, we have chosen to focus solely on Instagram. This choice was a good one: our ads reached 204.256 unique people, with a relatively small budget. The big winner of the ads we ran was the one that had been posted to Instagram Stories, where the clicks on links were almost 100x more than the post that was shown on the feed.

We’re very proud to have been part of this amazing initiative and we encourage anyone to talk to a stranger! It would make the world a much better place. Curious to hear even more? Marlotte is more than happy to answer any questions!