How we helped a client with a tailor-made web application, to make their workflow more efficient.

Nowadays there are a lot of software options available, which can help you with your administration, client contact and selling your products online. But way too often businesses struggle to combine different systems that fulfill specific needs. This prevents working efficiently, as these different tools do not work with each other. In this blog we’ll tell you what a tailor-made software system can do for you and your companies workflow (save time!), and give an example of how this can be created.

Key takeaways

  • Work faster, as a custom-made system is built based on your needs. 
  • Save money on the licensing in the long run
  • A custom solution is one that is user-friendly, so everyone will be able to work in it easily.

Advantages of a tailor-made software system

Most of the time companies start with one system for one goal but end up with a collection of them that don’t work with each other. There are some systems that have plugins so you can combine the two in one workflow, but then the solutions are still created so they can be used by a lot of different people. All these users have different needs and that’s not going be very user-friendly in use, so they keep the program as generic as possible.

Tailor-made software in practice

By working with software that is designed so it fits your needs exactly, you can save time and money in the long-run (think about licensing fees for different systems you use).

A good example of a custom solution that provided one of our clients with a lot of extra time is Found. Found is a company that provides retail experiences for brands like Nike and Ring, and they were looking for an advanced solution that fits their exact needs.

What did we do?
Together with the client, we defined the MVP. An MVP stands for Minimal Viable Product; a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers, and to provide feedback for future product development.

(User experience) design

We started with research: what are the current programs being used and what are the needs that our client and their clients have. We defined the user-flow of the ordering process and created the functionalities by wireframing and creating prototypes. We developed a way to have a personal design per brand, so the client feels like they are working in a personalized environment.


By knowing what the needs and functionalities would be, we started researching the best code languages and systems to use. Based on that we finished creating their MVP: the Found More Tool. However, our work isn’t over yet. We are continuously improving the tool and adding new valuable features.  

Our solution

We created a system that offers a personalized and easy-to-use environment to order new products for the clients of Found, and an advanced admin behind it for Found to maintain orders, products and clients.


Next to this an online manual was provided to the client, with all functions explained so everyone could easily start using the tool.

By creating this custom solution for Found they’ve cut their hours spent on maintaining their process and orders in half. Want to read more about Found? Check the case here. Want to know how we can help you with creating a tailor-made system that works for you? Get in touch!

This story was originally published on our digital technology label the Frontenders.

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