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Marlotte de Vries




We believe that someone’s favourite book says a lot about their personality. That's why we've asked a few members of our team about their favourite books and why they hold a special place in their hearts. The challenge was that they could only choose one book, and it had to be within their area of expertise. Fortunately for us, they all came up with some very interesting reads, and it provided us with some very interesting insights about them.

Epic content marketing - Joe Pulizzi // Jill (Content director)


What’s the book about?
Joe Pulizzi, who is one of the world's leading experts in content marketing, talks about how you can engage your customers by creating content they actually want to engage with. The book uses case studies of how John Deere, LEGO, Coca-Cola, and other leading corporations are using content to drive epic sales.

Why does Jill like the book?
As our content director, Jill (understandably) has strong feelings and ideas about content marketing. “This book, written by the ‘inventor’ of content marketing, takes you through the process of developing stories that compel customers to act, without telling them to do so. If you want to truly engage people with your brand and the stories that it entails, you have to create epic content." Want to know more about Jill's vision on content marketing? She wrote a blog on the model we use here at Strangelove, and the way it can be used to take your contentmarketing to the next level.

Grokking Algorithms -  Aditya Y. Bhargava  // Merijn (developer)


What’s the book about?
A fully-illustrated guide on how to use algorithms effectively. Grokking Algorithms takes you by the hand in showing how you can apply common algorithms to practical problems, that programmers face every day. The book provides insight in the most widely applicable algorithms, as well as when and how to use them.

Why does Merijn like the book?
"Programming is like a puzzle, and this book provides a piece of the manual. We have a lot of reviews in our development team, and this book gives a lot of practical insights on how to deal with common challenges. And it’s illustrated, which is always fun!"

Dan Ariely - Predictably irrational // Aylin (Advertising specialist)


What’s the book about?
We all think we’re very rational beings. If we make a decision, we feel it’s usually based on something; we trust our own insights. This book, however, shows how irrationality manifests itself in situations where rational thought is expected. 

Why does Aylin like the book?
"In advertising, the decision making process of your target audience is essential. Generally speaking you want to influence people’s behaviour with marketing. This sounds like a negative thing, but every business is trying to make sure you buy something, which can only happen if they convince you do so. This book provides insight in how psychology weighs in when it comes to marketing, in a really entertaining way!"

Powerful - Patty McCord // Vincent (Managing partner/Strategy)


What’s the book about?
Powerful is a book by the (ex-)chief talent officer at Netflix. Patty advocates practising radical honesty in the workplace, and letting go of employees who aren’t a fit with the company’s current needs. She believes that you should motivate people with challenging work, not with perks or bonus plans. 

Why does Vincent like the book?
"Patty's story shows that people who are trusted and understand the common goal of a company take more risks, make better choices and learn faster. Eventuelly they grow, and with that they also grow the company they work for. Culture is an essential part in this. It helps people develop their talent and strenghts. That's why 'culture' is the central business strategy in many ways. This is something we also believe in here at Strangelove. That's why we spend a lot of time involving our people in how our 'business' works and also take their feedback very seriously. If you can connect people to each other and to the common vision for the future, magic happens!"

Schrofer - Frederike Huygen // Sander (Designer)


What’s the book about?
Jurriaan Schrofer (1926-1990) was one of the designers who had a strong influence on the field of design after the war. He liked to take charge, get involved with policies and strategics, and manifested himself as author and critic. With his adventurous way of looking at the world, he often provoked discussions. In this monography, Schrofers carrier has been summarised.

Why does Sander like the book?
"Schrofer is one of the first designers who stepped away from his own expertise, and saw the importance of design in combination with the strategy of an organisation. He’s someone who stepped over the old ways and traditions. He looked at the way design can work not only on itself, but in a way that it can shine new light on the businesses of clients. An inspiration!"

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