You’ve been working a lot with Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising to make sure your business is found (if you’re completely new to the subject, please check out this blog first). You’ve been spending money, the results are looking just fine and you are being found. Perfect! But what KPI’s do you have and what are they based on? And more importantly, do you know if you’re making the most of your budget? Here’s where a so-called ‘SEO / SEA scan’ can come in handy. We’ve asked our advertising specialist Aylin on the main things she finds and the questions she gets asked most when doing health scans. 


Key takeaways for SEO and SEA optimization
  • Create a content strategy, as relevancy is a key element in your SEO score. 
  • Don't duplicate your content.
  • Keep up to date on SEO & SEA rankings and requirements, or hire someone who is up to date to do it for you. If not, this might have a huge impact on your score. 
  • Even if you have a small budget or not enough knowledge on the subject, you can get in the know. We provide free SEO workshops so you can do it yourself. 


What are the general mistakes you find in SEO and SEA with companies when doing the health scans?
There are a few general mistakes we often find when reviewing clients’ websites. The most common mistake we find is duplicated content. When building a website there is usually a limited amount of content for the product or services and is used multiple times throughout the entire website. This severely depletes your SEO score. Next to this, we often see website structures that are not built to support SEO, such as backlinks and referrals. Finally, we also find a lot of websites without a content strategy. This decreases your SEO score, as relevant content is a key element in SEO.


Why should I use a health scan? On which elements will I gain insights and what will improve within my SEO / SEA performance?
SEO and SEA rankings are constantly changing. The requirements are often more complex than a lot of people might be thinking. Here’s where a health scan can come in handy, as you will gain insights into different KPI’s (based on the desired direction of your ads or website, Conversions, Impressions, Lower costs). Next to this, you get an understanding of the latest performance requirements for optimizing your SEO / SEA and achieving your desired results.

I already work with a marketing agency, why would I still use a health scan?
Whether you are already working with an online partner or not, it is useful to take an in-depth look at the actual performance of your SEO or SEA and how it could be improved. With these insights, you gain the opportunity to consider whether you want to become independent in doing your SEO but also able to comprehend the results of your investment better. 


I have SEO but do not have SEA yet, but I want to start with a low budget. Can you provide me with information on the best basic settings?
We get this question quite a lot! Many companies are present online but have not made the step to paid advertising. This is understandable since the advertising industry is quite advanced, and setting up a campaign that is both performing well and cost-effective at the same time is not that easy. Therefore, we decided to host a free SEA workshop (the next will be on October 10th, you can still join!) where we will talk about the basic insights and interact on different aspects that should be taken into account.

How much do the health scans costs and what is the timeframe of deliverables and partnership?
As there have been different requests for health scans, we fine-tuned our products into 2 categories. The two options we offer are the basic and the plus SEO check. These health checks are executed by our advertising specialists and include a consult. It is a one time consult that will allow you to optimize your own SEO. The benefit? No long term contract or obligations. If you need further help with your SEO/SEA other options are always available as well, but if you just need us to check how you’re doing, this is the best option for you. 

1. Basic SEO check 
Content & technical SEO that is focussed on identifying changes for better search engine visibility.

2. SEO check plus 
Content & technical SEO + website performance analysis. Identifying changes for better search engine visibility, leads, and conversion.  >includes UX 


Get in touch to find out which check is best for you and your budget. Interested in attending our SEO / SEA workshop? Send us an email!


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