5 answers on the main questions an online advertiser gets


Aylin Vegter




The time that we could reach potential clients by handing out flyers and throw folders through the letterbox is much over. In this digital world a lot of advertising and promotion happens, well, online. But how this is done exactly remains pretty unknown to a lot of people. We’ve let our followers ask online advertising specialist Aylin their most burning questions on advertising. Based on the most frequently asked ones, we’ve set up this article so you don’t miss out!

Why should I advertise in the first place?

With advertisements your options are limitless, so are the people that you can reach and the way you can reach. If you’re just writing a blog or posting your stuff on social media, whoever you reach there is going to be someone that is already in your network or somebody that searches for your specific hashtag. If your blog does show up in Google, it’s most likely not going to be on the very first page.

Online advertising will make sure you are visible and gives results immediately. Results that come from the people that you want to reach. You can target them right away with as much intensity as you want to. If you are selling coffee online, you can target ads on people looking to buy coffee online. You can have this exact prospect see your ad and when they click on it, they will enter your site and can create conversion. Without the advertisement, you wouldn’t be reaching those people.

What is the difference between SEA and SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means that you are optimizing your website for the Google platform. Here, the most important thing is to be in the top results on Google in order for potential clients to basically be able to find you easily. But these are only people that are already have some sort of interest in you or your product (hence, they search on Google). Then there is also SEA, which stands for Search Engine Advertising. This is pure advertising, which means money is involved. While SEO is for Google results in general and it is mostly earned or organic, it can still affect advertising. With SEA it is all about money and paying for your results. So with SEA, you can create specific search ads. When a (potential) client searches specific search terms on Google it will show them your promoted ad at the top of the page.

Is advertising right for my business?

Whatever business you have, the answer is 'yes'. Advertising will always help your business as long as you have the right strategy, it’ll get you to the people that you want to reach. The best thing about advertising is that it doesn’t have to be a certain amount of money every month, you can do campaigns when you want to increase traffic and sales to your site. If you’re having an event, a promotion or a new product, you can run a promotion specifically for those. It also doesn’t have to be huge budgets, you can start small and grow from there. As your advertisements bring in sales, your business will grow. Then you can advertise more and more, as long as there are results and profits. So whether you are a service, a platform, a school, a product or a local business; there are so many different types of campaigns and so many different strategies that can be used to benefit you.

Do you need a minimal budget to advertise?

Yes, there is, but it really is minimal. For Google you can run a campaign for one euro per day. You do need to make sure that you spend your money efficiently, and not lose it from certain issues in your campaign. Therefore managing your campaign and monitoring it continuously is key here, however, that also applies if you have a bigger budget.

For Facebook ads it can be more expensive, it could cost around €15-€25 per day, depending on the campaign type. But another option is to run it for two weeks instead of running it for a full month. This also counts for LinkedIn. A small sidenote here is that to run an actual test, it's advisable to have your campaign live for at least a month or even two. This timeframe gives you the option to see what works and to optimize. 

Which platform is the best one to advertise on?

It really depends on what business you have and where your target audience is. If you have a very formal business where you’re trying to find people depending on their profession, then you need to go to LinkedIn. Facebook is your place to go when you have something that needs more engagement. If you’re trying to target people based on their interests, Instagram and Facebook are your best options because they know everything about you. 

Do you have a small budget and are you trying to specifically target people that search on exactly what your service doe? Your best way to go is Google Search.

If you want to reach people on blogs that they’re reading or interesting websites that they visit, then again Google is your platform because you can target all kinds of websites. So each has its unique place in their own unique targeting that works best when you pick the right campaign strategy.

If you have any more burning questions on advertising you’re more than welcome to drop by for a personal chat with our advertising team! Also, keep an eye on our Instagram if you want to ask questions to our other specialists. There’s another Q&A coming up with our front-end developer Scott!