3 answers on the main questions a designer gets


Sander Molenaar




Let’s just be fair about it: nowadays your 14-year old tech-savvy neighbour can download all the design tools we as professionals are using. And with some technical knowledge and persistency, any enthusiast amateur can whip up a half-decent logo or website. No need to use an actual trained designer, right? We’ve let our followers ask our designer Sander their most burning questions on design, and based on the most frequently asked questions we’ve set up this article so you don’t miss out!

What makes a design a good design?
Ah, the age old question. Good design should set your brand apart from your competition, and seamlessly communicates your services, culture and philosophy to your potential clients. As many of us know, what looks good and what doesn’t look good is a subjective question. However, what works good is based on logical thinking and rational choices. To decide what works good for your potential clients, a designer needs to embed an empathic way of thinking towards them. This requires thorough research into for instance your target audience, which should be the starting point of a design process. This research translates into the visual assets of your brand, and will make your brand shine and provide results & recognizability. A designer is trained to do this research and create this starting point for you.

What kind of design do I need?
Design seems a spectator sport, but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. At first it concerns the look of your brand, the feel of your website, and your visibility to your target audience. But design is more than just the looks of your brand. Good design is for a large part about functionality, and about deciding what is the right measure for a specific brand or niche. A pension fund requires a different approach than a highschool. A good designer always investigates what you want for your brand, the results you want to achieve. Only then its possible to decide what kind of design you need.


Making a design is just creating something that looks good, right?
Good design clarifies the brand’s structure, and when done right, it can make a brand speak to its potential clients. But there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Good design is bespoke design, each brand poses its own challenges in making it stand out. With all the technological developments of today’s media, the possibilities of design have only increased, making it all the more complex to decide on the right look and feel of your brand and its communications. It is not just about making your brand look good, or looking better than your competition. Simply put, good design is about problem solving. This goes further than technical know-how and an idea about the trends of today.

If you have any more burning questions on design you’re more than welcome to drop by for a personal chat with our design team! Also, keep an eye on our Instagram if you want to ask questions to our other specialists. There’s another Q&A coming up with our Advertising Specialist Aylin!