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Welcome to Strangelove, your partner in digital marketing. We maximize digital brand results by integrating data-driven content marketing & online technology. The best businesses thrive because they understand their customers and vice versa. That’s why we create and market brand solutions that are human, simple and relevant to your audience. Improving your digital brand performance and driving your commercial results.

We put stories and data at the heart of our work.

Helping businesses grow in today's digital economy.


– Vincent van Dijk, Managing Director

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We improve and grow business results with strategy, storytelling, design and development. From high level strategy to hands-on execution, we build best-in-class digital brand and customer experiences. Helping forward-thinking clients adapt and remain ahead in an increasingly complex digital landscape.

Growth by design


Since our inception back in 2009, we've developed digital products and brand experiences for a wide variety of clients and industries. We've helped well known international brands, but also helped early-stage businesses design and launch their brand and products. Using data and creativity to improve business results.



In every step we take, we ask ourselves and our clients three major questions: how can we simplify what's complex? What type of solutions is most relevant? And how can we make things human-centered? These key principles form our vision on digital marketing and design. It defines who we are and make things happen.

Clients we work(ed) for:

Strangelove is open-minded, technology-driven and down-to-earth. A trusted partner of many years.


– Ingrid Vleeskens (ING) CDC Pensioenfonds

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