Who do we think we are.

We help organisations grow by creating

brand experiences that are


human, simple and relevant.

 Sounds nice...

but what does it mean?


This means we believe that everything

we create is first and foremost about people.


Part of this means making things simple

and above all, relevant.


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what we could do for you.

Here comes a nice and thoughtful quote that reflects our values.


– Anonymous Awesome Designer

Our people.


We are just a group of people

with a love for everything digital.


Meet the capi di tutti capi:

Roberto Ciappa

Account & Brand Director

Edwin Spaan

Digital Director

Matthijs van der Pol

Content & Copy Director

Kyara van Loenen 

Sr. Strategy &

Brand Consultant

Mike Brunke

Team Lead Design

Quote to make uneven even.


– An Unnamed Scientist

Dana Scheper

Project Planner

Barbara Cerasuolo-Bakker

Project Producer

Mara Momčilović 

Account &

Brand Consultant

Leroy Yzer


Meredith Fraenk

Office Manager

Gabriela Prattingerova


Carel Ober

UX & Data Analytics

Amber Krijt

UX Designer

Merijn Hoogeveen


André Fonseca

Back-End Developer

Jeroen Gouw

Digital Consultant


Roy de Jager


Arvin Wilderink

Back-End Developer

Vincent Van Dijk

Strategy Consultant


Elizabeth Prins


Andrea Peintner


Jonathan Gerbscheid

Artificial Intelligence

Clients we work for:

technology driven, 


– Ingrid Vleeskens (ING)

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